Blue Mountain Dew

me and tank tops.

i can never wear a tank top just…as is. idk why. i feel so open, and like so much skin is out. i always have to have a jacket or sweater over me. lol i sound like a grandma, but i just feel too exposed. ugh, especially when the straps are thinner than my bra straps, then i feel gross. i hate when my bra straps are showing, and i cant stand strapless bras either, cuz no matter how big your boobs are, or what size bra you buy they just DONT stay up!!!! who the fuck invented strapless bras??? they dont even work!

then if i have to wear my arms & neck & collarbone out, like in a tube top or something, i still feel awkward cuz i think my arms a too flabby & they jiggle. then my boobs are there, and the strapless bra is sliding down, so my tits are just all out with my nipps protruding. -__- so then i stand awkwardly to make myself look smaller & that just makes the clothes look even worse on me. i gotta get over this little quirk of mine.