Blue Mountain Dew

the dick pic.

i was just sent one….i should post it online so everyone can see. but i wont……not right now, anyway. maybe just later on today.


what kind of fucking satisfaction do men get from sending dick pics to cell phones???? i’ve seen penises before! just because you send me yours doesnt mean it’s insta-sex for you and i.

penises are not equivalent to boobs! send me your mom’s boobs, since you’re feeling like nigel barker today. send me a picture of your puppy that you just bought…but NEVER NEVER your Johnson.


why do men think they can lick the pussy like 5 times before they get up and either ask us for head, or try to fuck??? but when it’s our turn, we gotta stay down there on them for like 45 minutes???? im not playing that little game anymore. somebody’s getting lock jaw on me today.

Day 3: Eight things that annoy you.

  1. when people leave shit in my car
  2. people forgetting they owe me money
  3. only hitting me up when u need something
  4. one word texts. be it “hello” “k” “bye”
  5. good morning texts smh
  6. people who cough all over the blunt
  7. cops….ironically.
  8. people who dont drive, but always wanna go somewhere……with NO gas money!

why im so picky with porn. (shit i hate)

before you read this post, just know that porn is supposed to be your sexual fantasies put on screen. there’s so many categories, scenarios, actors, etc. to choose from. and BECAUSE there are so many, i think im entitled to getting what i want when i go searching for porn. so even though i dont look like what im into….the shit is supposed to get me off. so when it doesn’t, i feel robbed.

and i blame the actors and production. i love black lesbian porn, interracial porn, and black porn. fat asses, small waists, proper high heels, big titties, nice makeup and hair, long gargantuan dicks, and 6 packs, not so talkative. so WHYdo we have