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80 Day Fitness Challenge - Day 2

day 2: describe your dream/goal body.

- for me, my ”dream” body isn’t realistic for my “goal” body, so i’ll write both. my DREAM body would be bigger boobs…maybe still in my C cup, but up in the number size. a 28-30 inch waist, ab lines & V lines, smooth obliques, and a defined back. i’d love to have a fuller backside, and thighs that sort of flex when i walk, rather than jiggle. well actually…since writing this and reading it over, this doesnt seem outlandish at all. i mean my boobs are probably stuck where they are until i get preggers, but hey.

workout plan for the day: 100 jumping jacks, 70 squats, 80 crunches, 40 side crunches, 25 lunges each leg, 15 minute cardio dvd